Office Lighting

Lighting requirements in offices are very diverse as the operators and users of offices have different priorities. Differing requirements demand the right lighting solutions in each case. The lighting in a room can add depth, vibrancy and clarity. On the flip side, it can also make colours appear dull and a room feel small or uninspired.  Or, worse, it can be stressful, disorienting and create confusion, which definitely will do NO good on improving productivity.
Open space lighting area

Reception desk

An entrance area is more like a business card of your company. Definitely you would like to impress the visitors by inviting and appealing lighting environment with stylish and aesthetically designed luminaries.

Open space / Hot-desk

Open space areas in the office are a world on their own; it not only creates positive and motivating overall atmosphere but also caters to the needs of individuals with effectively restricting discomfort glare.

Office rooms lighting area

Meeting Room

Almost no other area is used as diversely as meeting rooms. The versatility is demonstrated in many aspects such as a multimedia presentation, a brainstorming session or a sophisticated customer meeting. Each will demand a high level lighting requirement with dimmable control.

Manager room

Privacy in manager room will be highly appreciated compared with cubic in open space. Regardless of confidential talks with employees or intensive concentration on business plans, an eligible and comfort lighting environment could keep you sharp and motivated to accomplish your work with ease.

Technical drawing

The designer’s inspiration could be spout from anywhere at anytime; then here comes the essential part to bring the ideas into reality. Create an atmosphere with quality light where high precision is guaranteed to maximize the productivity. Energy saving is just a bonus.

Impeccable mitre joint

Formed with two extruded profile beveled at a 45deg angle, the strong and impeccable mitre joint of Athena Premium panel has completely prevented light leakage and also complemented your modern design for office lighting.

Minimalist construction

Simplicity and practicality are the core philosophy when Athena Premium panels were initially designed. Just simply drop off the idea of adding myriad decorative stripes in order to create an aesthetic cohesion with least screws as possible to have the panels seamlessly blend into a modern Contemporary designed surroundings.

Seamless® trim design

The upgraded Seamless® trim design of our Athena Basic panel brings the office lighting concept into a whole new level. The invisible joints has completely prevented light leakage and also complemented your modern lighting design.

Concise style

Capturing the aesthetics’ clean simplicity, the concise style is characterised by neat galvanised surfaces, smooth finishes, clean and straight lines and flat screws enhanced by stainless steel. With the aids of four stiffened rips on backplate, the robust construction ensures durable and reliable use in long run.

Versatile Installation

01. Suspended

Y shape suspension kits attach the panels to ceilings where T-grid system does not comply. An additional driver box mounting to ceiling is available as options.

02. Recessed

Exposed T-grid: Lay-in in exposed T-grid with optional earthquake or hurricane safety cable for further protection.

Concealed T-grid: Additional mounting clips are available for concealed T-grid installation.

03. Flanged

Plaster ceiling: additional 4 or 6 sets flat spring steel clips help to ensure the fastest installation time. No more sophisticated cutting skill is required as the cutting edge would be covered.

04. Surface Mounting

Innovative design on surfaced mounting box realize the completeness after installation-no visible screws or fixing holes around. Semi-knock-down package promises the most economic shipping cost.