Outdoor Lighting

According to EN12193, all sports fields can be classified into 3 levels as below:

Soccer Pitch

Soccer is a ground level sport with the ball traveling very high into the air.  When lighting a soccer pitch, the objective is to ensure good visibility enabling players to follow the progress of a game. The ball, regardless of its location and speed, should always be clearly visible.

1. Solution for Class II Outdoor Soccer Pitch

2. Solution for Class III Outdoor Soccer Pitch

Tennis Court

Tennis is a high-speed sport. Illuminance levels and light direction on the ball and the players are critical.  In flight, the ball may be temporarily lost from sight due to glare of light sources or a background of low contrast.  Proper pole location and aiming are essential for good visibility.

1. Solution for Class II Outdoor Tennis Court

2. Solution for Class III Outdoor Tennis Court

Outdoor Workplace

Outdoor lighting encompasses a wide range of applications. In many cases, more than one application can be found in a given area. In general, outdoor lighting designs are meant to fulfill two main objectives as below:
  • Enhance safety to people and security to property;
  • Deliver lighting economically for equipment, installation, operation and maintenance with minimal environmental impact.

1. Loading and unloading area

2. Traffic area

3. Walkway

4. Parking Place